Lutzin, Latvia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Khaika Khasska  1868Lutzin, Latvia I326
2 ?, Khave Malka  1867Lutzin, Latvia I608
3 ?, Sarah Rivka  1837Lutzin, Latvia I239
4 DOBRIN, Khaya Minna  1854Lutzin, Latvia I163
5 FALKOV, Annie  1903Lutzin, Latvia I853
6 FALKOV, Devorah  1904Lutzin, Latvia I868
7 FALKOV, Devorah Malka  1894Lutzin, Latvia I805
8 FALKOV, Eliyahu  1869Lutzin, Latvia I842
9 FALKOV, Ernest  1901Lutzin, Latvia I844
10 FALKOV, Gershon Mendel  1841Lutzin, Latvia I755
11 FALKOV, Yaakov  1890Lutzin, Latvia I760
12 FALKOV, Yehudah Aharon  1815Lutzin, Latvia I757
13 KARMI, Khaya Etl  1865Lutzin, Latvia I272
14 SUPER, Aharon Khaim  1882Lutzin, Latvia I556
15 SUPER, Aharon Leib  1894Lutzin, Latvia I1163
16 SUPER, Aharon Simkha  Abt 1835Lutzin, Latvia I1157
17 SUPER, Aizik  1880Lutzin, Latvia I567
18 SUPER, Avigdor  1859Lutzin, Latvia I1018
19 SUPER, Avraham  1850Lutzin, Latvia I558
20 SUPER, Avraham  1866Lutzin, Latvia I484
21 SUPER, Beila  1865Lutzin, Latvia I551
22 SUPER, Bentsion  1851Lutzin, Latvia I906
23 SUPER, Benyamin Nakhman  1883Lutzin, Latvia I256
24 SUPER, Benyamin Yitskhak  1873Lutzin, Latvia I585
25 SUPER, Ber (Barney)  1899Lutzin, Latvia I226
26 SUPER, Brakha  1844Lutzin, Latvia I754
27 SUPER, Brokha  1870Lutzin, Latvia I552
28 SUPER, David  1874Lutzin, Latvia I253
29 SUPER, Dov Ber (Berko)  Between 1835 and 1849Lutzin, Latvia I1016
30 SUPER, Eddie  1891Lutzin, Latvia I293
31 SUPER, Elja Yehoshua  1905Lutzin, Latvia I564
32 SUPER, Eva  1885Lutzin, Latvia I989
33 SUPER, Faivish  1869Lutzin, Latvia I912
34 SUPER, Fruma  1885Lutzin, Latvia I576
35 SUPER, Hersh  1860Lutzin, Latvia I600
36 SUPER, Hinda  1905Lutzin, Latvia I234
37 SUPER, Hirsch  1865Lutzin, Latvia I1019
38 SUPER, Khaim Eliezer  1890Lutzin, Latvia I497
39 SUPER, Khana Sarah  1902Lutzin, Latvia I563
40 SUPER, Khana Tauba  1896Lutzin, Latvia I302
41 SUPER, Khaya  1860Lutzin, Latvia I917
42 SUPER, Khaya Yenta  1864Lutzin, Latvia I331
43 SUPER, Leah  1862Lutzin, Latvia I918
44 SUPER, Leib Mendel  1873Lutzin, Latvia I500
45 SUPER, Leib Sholem  Abt 1810Lutzin, Latvia I1015
46 SUPER, Louis  1905Lutzin, Latvia I307
47 SUPER, Maria  1904Lutzin, Latvia I235
48 SUPER, Mark  1879Lutzin, Latvia I616
49 SUPER, Mendel  1872Lutzin, Latvia I913
50 SUPER, Mordekhai  1820Lutzin, Latvia I547

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rivka  1888Lutzin, Latvia I131
2 ?, Bunya  1941Lutzin, Latvia I242
3 ?, Khaika  1941Lutzin, Latvia I476
4 ?, Khana  Bef 1897Lutzin, Latvia I756
5 EIRES, Tauba  1941Lutzin, Latvia I1164
6 FALKOV, Gershon Mendel  1912Lutzin, Latvia I755
7 FALKOV, Lola  Abt 1911Lutzin, Latvia I881
8 SUPER, Aharon Leib  1941Lutzin, Latvia I1163
9 SUPER, David  1941Lutzin, Latvia I253
10 SUPER, Hinda  1874Lutzin, Latvia I557
11 SUPER, Moshe  1941Lutzin, Latvia I271
12 SUPER, Naftali  1941Lutzin, Latvia I241
13 SUPER, Noson  Abt 1930Lutzin, Latvia I967
14 SUPER, Paja  1941Lutzin, Latvia I1165
15 SUPER, Payka  Lutzin, Latvia I984
16 SUPER, Shmuel  BY 1860Lutzin, Latvia I3
17 SUPER, Sholom  Lutzin, Latvia I1
18 SUPER, Yaakov Kaufman  1874Lutzin, Latvia I6643
19 SUPER, Yehoshua Peretz  Abt 1915Lutzin, Latvia I965
20 SUPER, Yitskhak  Abt 1860Lutzin, Latvia I603
21 SUPER, Yitskhak  1941Lutzin, Latvia I475
22 ZUSSER, Dov Ber  1941Lutzin, Latvia I748
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